Important Phone Numbers & Contacts


Emergency - Police  9-1-1
Non-emergency Police
480-644-2211, option 2
General Information

Superstition Police Division

Fire & Medical
Non-Emergency Dispatch
General Information

Water Emergency
(480) 644-2262
Water Non-emergency
(480) 644-4444
Billing Questions
(480) 644-2221

Trash Pick up

To report a power emergency
(602) 236-8811
Residential Customer Services (electric)
(602) 236-8888
Technical Support and Billing Inquiries

All Customer Service

Community Action Security
5:15pm to 5:15am - The security services should be contacted for things like noise disturbances and security issues such as open garage doors or unlocked common areas.
Master HOA

After Hours Emergency
Call the SVE HOA office number above. Instructions on what you need to do after hours are on the message machine.  

Universal Security
602-757-4623 - 7:30pm to 5:00am - In the event of a late evening or early morning emergency.
480-773-0028 - During all other hours.


Thank-you for another year of great service. We are so grateful that we found you and Steve to do business with. So professional!!!! Will contact you soon!

Bill and Mary

We’ve had HHR Home Watch Services, LLC look after our house for about a year and a half. I can’t say enough good things about them.

Steve and Denise made some suggestions to increase the security of our house that we hadn’t considered. They thoroughly check the house—interior and exterior—every time they came. They performed some maintenance, changing batteries in beeping smoke detectors, picked up papers, ran the dishwasher and flushed all drains. They even dusted the floors!

When we are ready to come back, they turned on the water, the refrigerator, and bumped up the hot water heater temperature. Their care made it seem as though we hadn’t been away.

Denise always sends photos of every visit so we know what’s going on while we’re away.

If you need a home watch service, HHR will do the job with professionalism and reliability. Ten out of ten points on their service.

Tom and Vicki

I have made the decision to retire, and it looks like I am going to spend a lot more time here in AZ.

We do want to thank you and Steve for the excellent care you extended to us. We felt comfortable that our home was being watched and cared for. If by chance, our circumstances do change and my visits are not as often as we now plan on, we would definitely inquire as to your availability to start up your service again.

Again thank you for your service. We would definitely recommend you to others that may need to have their homes watched.

Kay and Paul

HHR Home Watch Services (aka, Steve & Denise Eslick) has been taking care of our home in Gold Canyon for the past few years. We have been extremely pleased with their very professional service and honesty.

We were getting ready to go on vacation 2 weeks ago and our air conditioning unit caught fire and burned up the day before we were to fly out of Phoenix with 9 members of our family.

Steve & Denise came to our rescue and took charge of our home, arranging for the air conditioning repair service people to replace our unit while we were gone. Everything went smoothly as they stepped in and secured our home, even moving our clothing in the closet so they wouldn’t be damaged as the A/C service people had to use the ceiling scuttle hole to access the A/C unit in the attic. They even covered our items with sheets of plastic and removed our rugs and pictures from the walls.

Wow, they cared for our home as if it was their own.

When we got back everything was back in place and our home was a cool 72 degrees. They kept us completely posted as to the A/C repair services schedule and progress, opening and closing up our home as needed.

No one could have done a better job taking care of our home (not even us!) what a great team and what a fantastic service. We will always be indebted to Steve & Denise for their professional, caring and dedicated service.

Please, don’t leave your home alone without HHR Home Watch Services to watch over it.

You won’t be sorry, we certainly weren’t.

They’re the BEST. THANK YOU, Steve & Denise! Terry & Sheila Ringey, Gold Canyon, Arizona

Denise and Steve have watched our AZ home the past two summers. We have been very pleased with their attentiveness and communication. Everything was just as we left it when we returned; no surprises.

Bill and Karen EB

Donna and I built our winter home in Mesa with the idea of spending 6 months there during the winter and the other 6 months in Michigan. We knew we had to have someone periodically check on the house while we were gone and after doing some research through the internet we decided on HHR Home Watch Services. What a delight and comfort it has been to have Denise and Steve take care of our home.
Their inspection process is exceptionally professional and meticulous and much more than just a routine list of items to checkoff. They modify their procedure to fit your individual home and property and are flexible in meeting any special requirements or circumstances. They provide a detailed report after each inspection and if there are problems you are notified immediately and are provided with a complete description as well as pictures to illustrate the issue.
They truly seem to take a personal interest in making sure that your house is safe and functional and look after your home as if it were their own. With HHR Home Watch Services we have a watchful eye on our house at all times, which gives us a feeling of being connected to our home even though we’re 2000 miles away. We are now completely comfortable in leaving our house for extended periods of time.
If you need someone to watch your home while you’re away and want peace of mind we highly recommend HHR Home Watch Services.

Dave and Donna Fry, Michigan

My husband, Joe and I hired Denise and Steve to watch our condo in Sunland Village East last Spring and it was the best decision we made. They are very professional and reliable. Every month without fail they sent us a detailed report of the services they had performed and when necessary included pictures, i.e., questionable termite activity. Two weeks before we were due to return for Winter 2017/18 we had a leak in our laundry room. They contacted us by phone immediately and sent pictures/videos of the leak, etc. They cleaned up the mess for us and we were able to contact a plumber to take care of the problem. Having them watch our home was worth every cent we paid them and saved us money in the long run. We highly recommend them and will use them again.

Dee and Joe

We hired Denise and Steve last June. We have had a place in AZ for 6 years and last April we had a false alarm. We realized we had no one to contact in the area should we need to have things taken care of. Both my husband and myself immediately knew Steve and Denise would fit that bill.
We know our home in Arizona is in good hands and we are very comfortable with them when our time here is over.
I recommend them highly their motto Honest Hardworking and Reliable is very true!! Should you need someone to watch your home give them a call.

Carol and Richard

If you’re looking for a Home Watch service I recommend HHR Home Watch. My family lives out of state and Denise and Steve were extremely helpful helping us keep an eye on my mother’s house during the estate sale of my mother’s home. We had a lot of activity at the house in preparation of the sale. They provided weekly pictures of the property. Helped us by being on the property, while various service repairs were being done.
They genuinely cared about making sure the property was secure and meticulous in their attention to details of the property condition.
Big Thanks to HHR Home Watch!!!

Kevin Bertsch

Thank you so much for taking care of our home. It was safe in your hands!

Dave & Ruth, Denver, Colorado

When our kids were young it was always hard to leave them with a baby sitter we didn’t know well. We feel almost the same about leaving our Arizona home for several months. We love our neighbors and feel it’s unfair to have them look after our home when we’re gone for an extended period of time. Home ownership and the Arizona climate is just too unpredictable. After living in Arizona for 13 years we finally hired professionals to look after things while we’re gone. HHR Home Watch Services met our expectations in every way. We should have hired them years ago. When we’re thousands of miles from home there’s a lot of piece of mind know our home is being looked after by professionals.

Dave K, Mesa, AZ

Steve and Denise Eslick don’t know that I’m going to write this, but my wife, Rhonda, and I moved from our farm in Iowa in 1988 to Mesa and have know the Eslicks and their family for over 25 years. Coming from the Midwest where a person’s word actually means something and my family’s reputation for over the 100 years of living in Iowa was always of the highest caliber plus our personal character and upbringing were molded from living and growing up in small rural towns, I can vouch for the Eslicks and will give them my highest recommendation that I ever would give on anyone.

If you don’t know Steve and Denise, you’ll find out how great they are whenever you get the privilege in meeting or working with them. If they say that they will do something, you can bet the farm on it that they will do it. Since my wife and I will be retiring from Boeing in April, (where we manufacture the Apache helicopter which is truly a fantastic beast of a helicopter) we will soon begin travelling around the country. I can guarantee that we will use them if ever we will be gone for an extended period away from our SSV home.

With how unreliable or flakey some people can seem to be in Arizona, you won’t find any two people any better or more responsible than they are (other than my wife who was also born and raised on an Iowa farm and will no doubt be reading this email tomorrow so I’ll include her in with them). Thanks for reading this. Denny Rausch, Mesa, AZ

We left our home in Steve and Denise’s very capable hands for 6 months and couldn’t be more please with their care of it. While caring for our home they informed us of a bee problem. They consulted our exterminator who didn’t work with bees. They called an exterminator who found a 50 pound hive behind our back yard in the community water meter. Denise informed our HOA Management Company about the issue because it was not on our property. The HOA Management They are honest, hard working and reliable. If you are looking for someone to care for your home while you are away we recommend HHR Home Watch Service, LLC.

Bill and Sheila