Important Phone Numbers & Contacts


Emergency - Police  9-1-1
Non-emergency Police
480-644-2211, option 2
General Information

Superstition Police Division

Fire & Medical
Non-Emergency Dispatch
General Information

Water Emergency
(480) 644-2262
Water Non-emergency
(480) 644-4444
Billing Questions
(480) 644-2221

Trash Pick up

To report a power emergency
(602) 236-8811
Residential Customer Services (electric)
(602) 236-8888
Technical Support and Billing Inquiries

All Customer Service

Community Action Security
5:15pm to 5:15am - The security services should be contacted for things like noise disturbances and security issues such as open garage doors or unlocked common areas.
Master HOA

After Hours Emergency
Call the SVE HOA office number above. Instructions on what you need to do after hours are on the message machine.  

Universal Security
602-757-4623 - 7:30pm to 5:00am - In the event of a late evening or early morning emergency.
480-773-0028 - During all other hours.


Home Watch Services for Mesa, Arizona

HHR Home Watch Services, LLC systematic approach to caring for your home focuses on your peace of mind. Our thorough inspection process and follow-up keeps you informed of any problems or potential problems…of course the best is no problems at all!

Listed below are the basics of our checklist. We will customize each checklist based on the needs of each of our clients. Something not listed? Please let us know at our free consultation.

Inspect Interior of Home, including garage

  • Check the thermostat temperature
  • Run faucets in kitchen, bathrooms and laundry sink
  • Flush each toilet
  • Look under sink cabinets for water leaks
  • Inspect refrigerators and freezers
  • Look at ceilings for water damage
  • Inspect windows for damage or water leaks
  • Look for signs of insect infestation
  • Inspect overall appearance inside home for damage or odors
  • Inspect doors and locks for damage
  • Inspect hot water heater for leaks

Inspect exterior of home, fencing and landscaping

  • Check for damage to exterior
  • Check windows for damage
  • Check faucets for water leaks
  • Check trees, bushes and plants for growth
  • Check for weeds
  • Look for signs of insect infestation
  • Check for damage to roof from ground position
  • Inspect area for general cleanup

At the completion of each visit, we will email a field report of your home and pictures of concern for your review.

If an issue is observed and depending on the severity, the homeowner is called, pictures are emailed and a solution is determined for the next steps.

If HHR Home Watch Services, LLC takes any action to prevent further damage, they will contact you immediately to discuss what occurred and consider what course of action is needed for repair.

Custom services are available at an additional charge.  Ask us!