Important Phone Numbers & Contacts


Emergency - Police  9-1-1
Non-emergency Police
480-644-2211, option 2
General Information

Superstition Police Division

Fire & Medical
Non-Emergency Dispatch
General Information

Water Emergency
(480) 644-2262
Water Non-emergency
(480) 644-4444
Billing Questions
(480) 644-2221

Trash Pick up

To report a power emergency
(602) 236-8811
Residential Customer Services (electric)
(602) 236-8888
Technical Support and Billing Inquiries

All Customer Service

Community Action Security
5:15pm to 5:15am - The security services should be contacted for things like noise disturbances and security issues such as open garage doors or unlocked common areas.
Master HOA

After Hours Emergency
Call the SVE HOA office number above. Instructions on what you need to do after hours are on the message machine.  

Universal Security
602-757-4623 - 7:30pm to 5:00am - In the event of a late evening or early morning emergency.
480-773-0028 - During all other hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HHR Home Watch Services?

HHR Home Watch Services is a professional insured, bonded and accredited Home Watch Service serving Mesa, AZ. We check your property and identify problems or potential problems that can occur while your property is vacant. We provide a physical presence that is not available through a remote alarm monitoring service. We can help with most requests you have by contacting us.

Are you a house sitter service?

We are not a house sitter. Our core service includes periodic visits to your home where we follow a specific and mutually agreed upon checklist. We are in your home for less than an hour per visit and take great pride in making sure your home is as you left it when you return.

My alarm company provides security for my home. What value do you add?

An alarm company monitors entry into your home or fire alarms but they do not monitor potential problems that can occur due to broken pipes, mold, pests or vagrants. We identify those problems or the possibility of their occurrence and notify you for guidance.

What type of reporting can I expect from you?

HHR Home Watch Services will send you a detailed report by email with pictures of any problems identified upon completion of inspecting the interior and exterior of your home.

What are your credentials?

HHR Home Watch Services proudly displays the Accredited banner of the National Home Watch Association. We have been vetted and approved by this organization to insure we are bonded and insured for your protection. We also subscribe to the NHWA’s Code of Ethics.

We have a neighborhood watch program. Doesn't that do the same thing?

Most neighborhood watch programs are passive by nature and do not provide the level of engagement with your property that HHR Home Watch Services provides. We will check your property’s interior and exterior in far more detail than you can expect from a neighborhood watch program.

Do you provide keyholder services?

Absolutely! We can coordinate access to your property for any situation at an hourly rate. All we need is your notification of date and time and any instructions you have.

If I need coordination with contractors doing work on my home can you help?

HHR Home Watch will provide access services and remain on-site for an hourly charge. We ask for at least a 48 hour notification to ensure we are able to schedule our personnel.

Are your services expensive?

We think our services are fairly priced for the value we provide. When you compare the possible damage due to a leak or damage by pests or vagrants with the cost, our services are an excellent value. We will be happy to discuss our pricing for home watch services and any additional services you may require at a free consultation.

If you find a problem what type of notification will I receive?

HHR Home Watch Services will send you a report upon completion of our visit to your home. Any problems identified will be accompanied by pictures and details of the problem. If we take any immediate action to prevent further damage we will contact you immediately to discuss what occurred and consider what course of action is needed for the repair.

Are you a property inspector?

While we inspect your property, we are not what is defined as a property inspector. Property inspectors are usually involved at the sale of a property to do a detailed inspection of the structure, plumbing, electrical and heating and air condition systems.

Can you help me with other home maintenance services?

While we do not provide home maintenance services, we can refer you to quality contractors or vendors and coordinate access to your property.